And the Winner is......

MilanoCare togheter with EGO TV, a well known local fashion program and EGO Moda, popular fashion magazine, was looking for the next Runway supermodel 2012 in Puerto Rico.
The event started in June and had several selection auditions through the island.
The final , last sunday in San Juan , Puerto Rico, was won by the beautiful Argentina Fermaint Gonzalez after a great final. 1st runner up was Nachaliz Cotto González (left) and second runner up Marianne Méndez Miranda (right)
Argentina Fermaint will fly to Paris next may 2013 for an exclusive fotoshoot and will be the runway model for some of the most important fashion events in Puerto Rico in 2013......
MilanoCare congratulates the winner Argentina and all the other partecipants for the great job.
Special price for heatier and good looking hair was won by Arleen Robles Rivera.....Congratulations!
MilanoCare ....We love your hair!